• In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

    Welcome to PICACS.org


    Who we are

    PICACS (Pacific Islamic Community and Cultural Services) is a non-political community and cultural faith based organization locally based in the US Pacific North-West City of Bothell (Near Seattle). PICACS is a 501 c 3 non profit organisation and depends on contributions, donations and volunteers for arranging its activities. PICACS has no source of funding and all activities organized by PICACS have to be self – funded.
    Our hope is to help our future generation of American Muslims of the Pacific North-West in particular and all American Muslims.
    - To foster a proud and unique assimilative identity and culture
    - To serve as leaders for all others to follow

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to promote social justice, integration into mainstream US life of Muslim American individuals, families and communities – including immigrants, refugees and native born.

    Goal Statement

    Our goal is to develop, provide and advocate for innovative community based culturally sensitive supportive services.

    Our Programs

    Educational Services
    - Vocational Training
    - Scholarship/Educational training
    - Language Training
    - After School Tutorial Services
    - Others

    Community Services
    - Cultural Consultation
    - Naturalization Support/Legal and Civic
    - Translation Services
    - Community Programs (Scouts/Adopt-a-Highway)
    - Recreational (Children/Family) Camps
    - Others

    Religious Services
    - Inter-Faith Forums
    - Birth & Funeral Support Services
    - Quran understanding and study groups
    - Others

    Professional services
    - Depression Stress & anxiety Health Program
    - Substance Abuse Treatment
    - Cultural Assimilation Program
    - Victims of Abuse/Discrimination Programs
    - Others